mother superior 1974 - 1977



01---Oct                American Air Base – Huntingdon

02---02nd Nov     Marquee Club, Wardour St. London (billed as Cosmetix)

03 - 06---27th – 31st Dec GERMAN TOUR – American Air Bases


07---02nd Jan     Gregorian Arms, Jamaica Rd. London

08---06th Jan     Gregorian Arms, Jamaica Rd. London

09---07th Jan     Bridge House, Canning Town, London

10---09th Jan     Gregorian Arms, Jamaica Rd. London

11---13th Jan     Gregorian Arms, Jamaica Rd. London

12---14th Jan     Bridge House, Canning Town, London

13---15th Jan     Royal Oak, Canning Town, London

14---16th Jan     Gregorian Arms, Jamaica Rd. London

15---17th Jan     Cranfield College, Bedford

16---20th Jan     Gregorian Arms, Jamaica Rd. London

17---21st Jan     Royal Oak, Canning Town, London

18---22nd Jan    Royal Oak, Canning Town, London

19---27th Jan     Gregorian Arms, Jamaica Rd. London

20---28th Jan     Royal Oak, Canning Town, London

21---29th Jan     Royal Oak, Canning Town, London

22---30th Jan     Gregorian Arms, Jamaica Rd. London

23---01st Feb     Oxford Tavern, Kentish Town, London

24---03rd Feb     Gregorian Arms, Jamaica Rd. London

25---06th Feb      Gregorian Arms, Jamaica Rd. London

26---14th Feb     Old Cherry Tree, Camberwell, London

27---27th Feb     Albany Empire, Greenwich with Conquers

28---21st Mar     Pause Club, Leeds

29---22nd Mar     Pause Club, Leeds

30---23rd Mar     Half Way Hotel, Barnsley

31---31st Mar     Lord Nelson, Holloway Rd. London

            2nd April - start recording album 'Lady Madonna' at IBC Studios Portland Place

32---12th Apr     The Speakeasy, Margaret St. London

33---16th Apr     Lord Nelson, Holloway Rd. London

34---29th Apr    The Brecknock, Brecknock Rd. London

35---10th May    The Brecknock, Brecknock Rd. London

36---28th May     The Speakeasy, Margaret St. London

37---29th May     RAF Cosford, Albrighton, Staffs.

38---14th Jun     Duke of Wellington, Chatham

39---15th Jun     Golden Lion, Fulham, London

40---20th Jun     Chiltern, Baker St. London

41---21st Jun     Dudley Tech. College with Steve Gibbons

42---27th Jun     Golden Lion, Fulham, London

43---11th Jul     Chiltern, Baker St. London

44---12th Jul     Duke of Wellington, Chatham

45---15th Jul     Grey Topper, Jacksdale, Notts.

46---18th Jul     Duke of Wellington, Chatham

47---19th Jul     Chiltern, Baker St. London

48---25th Jul     Greyhound, Fulham, London

49---26th Jul     Golden Lion, Fulham, London

50---30th Jul     Kensington

51---02nd Aug     Golden Lion, Fulham, London

52---08th Aug      The Addington, New Addington

53---09th Aug      Duke of Wellington, Chatham

54---15th Aug      Castle, Tooting High St., London

55---16th Aug     Chiltern, Baker St. London

56---21st Aug     Le Chicard, Y Port, France

57---22nd Aug     Le Chicard, Y Port, France

58---29th Aug     Golden Diamond, Mansfield, Notts.

59---30th Aug     Granary, Bristol

            1st/2nd Sep record single 'Back Track'/'Taking It Easy' at IBC - unreleased

60---03rd Sep      Golden Lion, Fulham, London

61---04th Sep      White Hart, Willesden, London

62---05th Sep     The Addington, New Addington

63---09th Sep     Grey Topper, Jacksdale, Notts.

64---13th Sep     The Addington, New Addington

65---15th Sep     The Speakeasy, Margaret St. London

66---19th Sep     Golden Lion, Fulham, London

67---20th Sep     Croydon Tech. College with Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoias

68---21st Sep     Albemarle Youth Centre, Romford

69---24th Sep     Bogart’s Club, Birmingham

70---26th Sep     Golden Lion, Fulham, London

71---27th Sep     Redlands College, Bristol

72---01st Oct     Woolwich Polytechnic, London

73---03rd Oct     Sparkford Inn, Sparkford, Somerset

74---04th Oct     Ammanford Civic Centre, Wales

75---11th Oct     Cardiff College of Education, Wales

76---15th Oct     Keele Uni with Edgar Broughton + Doctors of Madness

77---16th Oct     The Wellington, Archway, London

78---18th Oct     Cloud Nine, Redditch, Worcs.

79---19th Oct     Wrexham, Wales

80---20th Oct     Quaint Ways Club, Chester

81---24th Oct     Golden Lion, Fulham, London

82---01st Nov     Frenchman’s Hotel, Fishguard, Wales

83---02nd Nov     Llanharan RFC, Glamorgan, Wales

84---03rd Nov     Rose Hayworth Club, Abertillery, Wales

85---11th Nov     Marquee Club, Wardour St. London with The Scorpions

86---19th Nov     La Boucherie, Roumare, Rouen, France

87---20th Nov     Wattrelos, Belgium

88---21st Nov     Le Samourai, Briey, France

89---22nd Nov     Salle de L’Isma, Arlon, Belgium

90---23rd Nov aft.   Club Tornados, Petange, Luxembourg

91---23rd Nov pm   Le Phono Club, Hagondange, Belgium

92---26th Nov     Salle St. Barthelemy, Liege, Belgium with The Scorpions

93---27th Nov     Club Blow Up, Limpetsberg, Luxembourg

94---28th Nov aft  French TV (played No Time Toulouse)

95---28th Nov pm  Casino de Chaudfontaine, Belgium

96---29th Nov     Club Jazzland, Liege, Belgium

97---30th Nov     Metz, France

98---03rd Dec     The Speakeasy, Margaret St. London

99---05th Dec     Harlech College, Gwynedd, Wales

100-- 06th Dec     Golden Lion, Fulham, London

101--08th Dec     Lord Palmerston, Fulham, London

102--09th Dec     Barbarella’s, Birmingham

103--10th Dec     Warwick University

104--11th Dec     RAF Cosford, Albrighton, Staffs.

105--12th Dec     Old Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal

106--13th Dec     Bourne Hall, Ewell, Surrey

107--14th Dec     Albermarle Youth Centre, Romford

108--16th Dec     RFC Hafordrynys, Crumlin, Wales

109--17th Dec     RAF Brawdy, Haverfordwest, Wales

110--18th Dec     Hope & Anchor, Upper St. Islington, London

111--19th Dec     Golden Diamond, Mansfield, Notts.

112--20th Dec     Liverpool Stadium with Strife


113--01st Jan     Golden Lion, Fulham, London

114--05th Jan     Lord Palmerston, Fulham, London

115--10th Jan     St. Peter’s College of Education, Birmingham

116--11th Jan     Wandsworth Prison, London

117--14th Jan     Porterhouse Club, Retford, Notts.

118--15th Jan     Royal Centre Hotel, Dundee, Scotland

119--16th Jan     Dudley Tech. College

120--17th Jan     Glasgow University

121--23rd Jan     Recorded BBC TV (Love the One You’re With + Sweet Little Sixteen with Cliff Richard)

122--24th Jan     Tavern Club, Dorchester

123--31st Jan     Corn Exchange, Bury St. Edmunds

124--05th Feb     Granary, Bristol

125--06th Feb     Trent Polytechnic, Notts.

126--10th Feb     Locarno, Portsmouth with G.T. Moore, Mike Absalom, Pirates

127--11th Feb     Keele University

128--12th Feb     The Garden, Penzance, Cornwall

129--13th Feb     Basingstoke Tech. College with Fogg

130--14th Feb     Pegasus Club, RAF Lyneham, Calne, Wilts.

131--19th Feb     Tivoli Ballroom, Buckley, Wales

132--21st Feb     Plymouth Polytechnic

133--26th Feb     Tiverton Motel, Devon

134--27th Feb     Penthouse, Scarborough

135--28th Feb     Cranfield Institute, Bedford

136--29th Feb     Humberside Arts Centre, Hull

137--05th Mar     Pub Stopet, Tranas, Sweden

138--06th Mar aft.  Sporthallen, Motala, Sweden

139--06th Mar pm  Folkets Park, Eskilstuna, Sweden

140--07th Mar     Nackstagarden, Sundsvall, Sweden

141--08th Mar     Fritisdsgard, Forsa, Sweden

142--09th Mar     Alnogarden, Sundsvall, Sweden

143--10th Mar     Folkets Hus, Sandviken, Sweden

144--11th Mar     Bjerrinbro, Denmark

145--12th Mar     Koge, Scoby-by-the-sea, Denmark

146--13th Mar     Happy Night, Copenhagen, Denmark

147--15th Mar     Youth Club, Copenhagen, Denmark

148--17th Mar     Villa Nova, Ronne, Bornholm, Sweden

149--18th Mar     Tropicana, Arhus, Denmark

150--19th Mar     Hotel Gram, Denmark

151--24th Mar     Swansea College of Education

152--25th Mar     RAF Binbrooke, Louth, Lincs.

153--26th Mar     City of London Poly

154--27th Mar     Red Lion Gillingham, Dorset

155--30th Mar     North Stafford Poly, Stoke on Trent

156--01st Apr     Foley College of Educ. Starbridge, Worcs.

157--02nd Apr     Porterhouse, Retford, Notts.

158--05th Apr     Rose Hayworth Club, Abertillery, Wales

159--09th Apr     Spa Ballroom, Whitby

160--16th Apr     Glasgow College of Education

161--17th Apr     St. Andrew’s University of Fife

162--18th Apr     Shuffles, Glasgow

163--30th Apr     West Runton Pavilion, Norfolk

164--01st May     Crewe College of Education

165--05th May     Wood’s Club, Plymouth, Devon

166--06th May     The Garden, Penzance

167--07th May     Chippenham Tech College. Wilts.

168--08th May     Tavern Club, Dorchester

169--12th May     Killingworth Communicare Centre, Newcastle

170--13th May     RAF Condor, Arbroath

171--14th May     Aberdeen University

172--21st May     Osuuskunta, Hakipudas, Finland

173--22nd May     Jyvaskyla, Finland

174--24th May     Culture House, Helsinki

175--26th May     Lapeenrantta, Finland

176--28th May     Open air gig Jyvaskyla, Finland

177--29th May     Syvalahti, Kangasniemi, Finland

178--30th May     Janhialan Lava, Joutseno, Finland

179--31st May     Alibi Club, Helsinki

180--01st Jun      Alibi Club, Helsinki

181--02nd Jun     Alibi Club, Helsinki

182--03rd Jun     Iskeri, Turko, Finland

183--04th Jun     Hartola, Finland

184--05th Jun     Record Lee Cooper jingle, Finland

185--11th Jun     Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal

186--12th Jun     Wolverhampton Polytechnic

187--16th Jun     Reading University

188--21st Jun     St. Luke’s Coll. of Educ. with Geno Washington, Boombaya

189--25th Jun     JB’s, Dudley, West Midlands

190--26th Jun     Bishops Lonsdale Coll. of Educ. Derby

191--27th Jun     Penny Farthing, Ulverston

192--02nd Jul     Shoreditch College, Egham

193--03rd Jul     St. Alban’s City Hall with Gryphon

            Lesley and Audrey leave. Simon Etchell (kybds) , Janis Sharp (gtr) and Kate Buddeke (vcls) join

194--02nd Oct     Paradise Rooms, Burton on Trent

195--03rd Oct     Albermarle Youth Centre, Romford

196--06th Oct     Bradford University

197--07th Oct     RAF Condor, Arbroath

198--08th Oct     Aberdeen University

199--09th Oct     Stirling University with Frankie Miller

200--10th Oct     Top Rank Suite, Sheffield with Supercharge

201--12th Oct     Place Disco, Guildford

202--13th Oct     Kings Lynn Coll. of Tech. Norfolk

203--15th Oct     Trent Poly, Notts.

204--16th Oct     Tavern Club, Dorchester

205--20th Oct     Tiverton Motel, Devon

206--22nd Oct     City of London Polytechnic with Boombaya

207--23rd Oct     Warwick University with Strife

208--25th Oct     Rock Garden, Covent Garden, London

209--29th Oct     Penny Farthing, Ulverston

210--31st Oct     Liverpool University

             Janis leaves – Pete Chapman stands in on guitar

211--23rd Nov     Golden Lion, Fulham


             Pete Chapman joins/recording begins at Morgan Studios

212--29th Jun     Golden Lion, Fulham, London

213--01st Jul     Duke of Lancaster, Barnet

214--02nd Jul     Greyhound, Fulham, London

215--18th Jul     Rochester Castle, Stoke Newington, London

216--17th Aug     Ronnie Scott’s London

217--23rd Aug     Brecknock, Brecknock Rd. London

218--01st Sep     Brecknock, Brecknock Rd. London

219--07th Sep     Music Machine, Camden Town, London with Johnny Ducann

220--09th Sep     Brecknock, Brecknock Rd. London

221--23rd Sep     Rock Garden, Covent Garden, London

222--26th Sep     Plymouth Top Rank

223--30th Sep     Brecknock, Brecknock Rd. London

224--01st Oct     Thames Poly with Jenny Haan’s Lion

225--07th Oct     Brecknock, Brecknock Rd. London

226--15th Oct     Kingston Poly with Burlesque

227--16th Oct     Brecknock, Brecknock Rd. London

228--05th Nov     Leicester Poly with Burlesque

229--08th Nov     Brecknock, Brecknock Rd. London

230--11th Nov     Royal Veterinary College, Mornington Crescent, London

231--12th Nov     Essex University with Burlesque

232--19th Nov     Sheffield University with Burlesque

233--21st Nov     Brecknock, Brecknock Rd. London

234--29th Nov     Brecknock, Brecknock Rd. London

235--09th Dec     Reading University

                                        End of the road...